In 1920, Corydon Rich decided to manufacture fiber boxes in which to ship Purity Oats. He hired James O. Hoerner to sell boxes to others, and within 50 years Hoerner-Waldorf is a nationwide business. Hoerner-Waldorf is now Stone Container Corporation.

This is an aerial view of Hoerner-Waldorf Box Company in the center of the photo. To the right is the old Drive-In Theatre, now home of Keokuk Little League.

This is the General Mills Plant, formerly Purity Oats. The Keokuk Depot can be seen at the left in the background.

The Grand Theater opened in 1924, after it was destroyed by a fire the year before. The theater has been restored and still holds cultural events.

Keokuk High School
, which is currently being sold, was also opened in 1924. This is a photo of the old high school located where Washington School is today.
Keokuk’s electric streetcars that began operation in the late 1880’s were replaced by buses in 1928. The photo at left is the car barn for the street cars. It still stands behind Kilbourne Park.
In 1934, Victory Park is created. Rand Park, Tumelty Park, and Joyce Park are rebuilt the same year. This photo is of the undeveloped riverfront area where Victory Park is today.

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